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Answere dask B.Inggris Bisnis 2 Part A Structure and Part B Written Expresision

Task Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 :
Name : Ruben sihombing
NPM : 11207531
Class : 4 EA 05

Answer the part A:
2.The novel that I borrowed yesterday from the library …. Very interesting.
a. Are
b. Were
c. is
d. it is
answere : c. is
karena “the novel “ itu adalah subjek sebagai singular ( jumlah tunggal )
tu be yang di gunakan adalah is.

5. My mother bought three … two days ago.
a. knives
b. knifes
c. book
d. brief
answere : a. knives
karena three ( plural ) adalah jumlah jamak.
Jadi objeknya berjumlah jamak juga yaitu knives.

7. Mathematics …. Not my favorite lesson.
a. are
b. is
c. were
d. become
answere : b. is
karena subjeknya singular ( mathematics ), jadi to be yang di gunakan singular juga yaitu is.

11. I have two ….. You can borrow one of them if you like.
a. dictionary
b. pen
c. dictionaries
d. dictionaries
answere : d. dictionaries
karena jumlah yang disebutkan plural ( two ) jadi objeknya yang berjumlah banyak juga yaitu dictionaries.

Answer the part B:
31. How many child do Mr. and Mrs. Nathan have ?
Answere : b. child
Alas an seharusnya childs kareana subjeknya memakai modal have ( plural ) jadi childnya harus ditambah ‘ s ‘.

33. My brother usually drink a glass of milk in the morning before he goes to school.
Answere : a. drink
Alas an : seharusnya drinks karena subjeknya “ my brother “ ( singular) jadi drinknya di tambahin ‘s’.

36. She always wash her clothes in her free time or in the afternoon.
Answere : a. wash
Alas an : seharusnya washes, karena subjeknya singular ( she ) jadi, washnya di tambahkan ‘es’.

39. The car that he boght several weeks ago were stolen last night.
Answere : d. were
Alas an : seharusnya to be yang di gunakan adalah was , karena the car adalah subjek singular.

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