Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Part 3

Structure - Part A

2. He was an ...
answer = d. obident children
reason = karena articles 'an' itu untuk objek konsonan vokal maka yg tepat yg awalan katanya huruf vokal atau hidup

5. You should bring ... umbrella.
answer = a. an
reason = karena umbrella awalan hurufnya vokal maka articles yg dipakai 'an'.

6. I need to drink ... water because I am thirsty.
answer = c. some
reason = karena 'water' adalah objek yg tidak bisa dihitung dan jumlahnya banyak.

9. ...your sisters going shopping at the moment?
answer = a. is
reason = karena Present Continuous Tense yang dipakai maka kata tanya yg digunakan bentuk ' to be'.

Written Expression - Part B

18. I attended the book launching yesterday, but I could not get the write's autograph.
answer = B. book launching
reason = harusnya dibalik ..menjadi launching book

22. I wanted to thank them for all their kind.
answer = D. kind
reason = harusnya kind'nya dalam bentuk kata benda..maka lebih tepatnya adalah kindness.

24. Them always play tennis on Saturday afternoons or on Sunday mornings.
answer = A. them
reason = subjek yg digunakan adalah orang pertama -> They

29. My brother always goes to campus on car everyday.
answer = C. on car
reason = harusnya by car.


1. Where does the girl... now?
answer= D. work
reason= karena yg diminta verb dlm bentuk pertama (present tense)

2. Some of my classmates... English course now.
answer= C. take
reason= karena jumlah subke nya banyak (plural) maka verb yg di pakai verb1 tanpa tambahan 's'

3. When she arrived at home, her parents...TV.
answer= B. were watching
reason= karena past continuous dan subjek nya plural
6. I understand what... are saying.
answer=C. they
reason= yg diminta subjek pertama..


25. I sometimes hear the baby to cry at night.
answer= A. sometimes
reason= peletakan keterangan 'sometimes' tepatnya di awal kalimat sebelum subjek

27. Peter was the first arrive at school yesterday morning.
answer= B. arrive
reason= karena keterangan waktunya lampau (yesterday) maka verb yg di gunakan bentuk Past tense -> arrived

37. Jack, with her friend Albert, always go swimming on Sundays.
answer= A. with
reason= kata penghubung yg tepat adalah 'and' .

40. What are your parents doing last night at home when you arrived?
answer= A. are
reason= karena keterangan waktunya Past Tense maka to be yg di gunakan 'were' .

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